Hire Us to Make You Better

Who We Are and What We Do

We are Organizational Effectiveness consultants (business, communication & motivation experts) with decades of experience, passionate about improvement.   We work as partners to lead change initiatives, solve problems, teach you how we do it and leave you with the blueprint & tools to ensure future success.  Our goal is to ensure that everyone enjoys the process of working together as we do it!

Why We Are Different

Our job is to improve your strategic talent management, operational efficiency and profitability. We immediately partner with your internal resources to determine the true root causes of organizational issues, then swiftly move into project identification and problem solving mode.  Our visionary, practical, cost-effective methods and internal collaboration generate commitment and rapid results!

What We Provide

The consultants of Partners in Prosperity provide business improvement expertise including professionally facilitated meetings; culture creation; organizational flexibility and empowerment; business development; sales & marketing integration; competitive talent recruitment, training & reward analysis; project management efficiency; customized experiential learning & skills development; executive retreats; cost-effective, high-impact & engaging company off-site experiences and more!