Inspiring Leaders to Optimize, Innovate & Celebrate!

Clarify & Integrate Mission, Values, Strategy, Goals & Brand


Hire the Best Talent (Competencies & Values)


Stimulate Employee Engagement & Retention


Coach Managers & Executives in New Leadership Competencies


Use Better Methods to Develop High Performing Teams


Train for Performance & Continual Improvement


Energizing Talent Assets to Be Their Best

Find Their "Fit", Purpose & Value Through Meaningful Work


Improve Communications & Collaboration in the Enterprise


Stimulate Problem-Solving & Innovative Contributions


Enjoy Unique Benefits that Improve Employee Satisfaction


Create Healthier Workplaces, Incent Self-Care & Reduce Stress


Continually Learn, Teach, Offer Feedback & Adapt to Change


Our Expertise is Crafting Success for YOU!


We Share the Secrets to Creating Unstoppable Success:

•  Assess and prioritize human capital & business improvements 

•  Use creative methods to identify root causes of critical challenges

•  Create and implement action plans to generate solutions with rapid results  

•  Optimize recruiting, hiring, training, performance & legal defensibility  

•  Evaluate market competitiveness & internal equity of compensation practices  

•  Involve your workforce in problem resolution and continual improvement 

•  Leverage employee strengths to create better ways of working together  

•  Resolve conflicts & inefficiencies, reorganize talent for better job fit & "rightsize"  

•  Re-invigorate your culture with kindness, appreciation and equal partnership

From Human Capital Experts Who Care

Lessen Your Stress With a Little Transformation!

We are organizational effectiveness consultants passionate about helping leaders build customer loyalty and create great places to work!  As business, communication & motivation experts with decades of experience, we partner with leaders to engage your organization in simple but strategic processes to increase professionalism, engagement, work efficiency & innovation, identify and remove roadblocks and design processes for continual improvement.  When you build a SMART company, no challenge is too great, no amount of change too disruptive and energized employees work together to ensure that business goals are exceeded, not just achieved.  Don't do it alone.  Bring us your tough stuff!  


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About Us

Rachael Collins, Chief Improvement Officer


Rachael has 30 years of business improvement consulting, training, recruiting & speaking experience.  She earned a Master's in Organizational Development from Cambridge College and a Bachelor's Degree from Cornell University.  She has spearheaded organizational Improvement initiatives in companies from multinational to start-ups.  We look forward to helping you create an optimally healthy, happy and productive workplace! 

Our Consultants


We bring together the right professionals as needed for each client project and work together to create and implement solutions for your SUCCESS!  Our boutique firm can provide business experts in Organizational Change, Training & Development, Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Workplace Wellness, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Project Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, and MORE.  

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