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Partners in Prosperity

We Accelerate your SUCCESS

Business success is tougher than ever!  Your ability to grow depends on having desirable products & services and meeting changing customer demands. Competition is everywhere. You have challenges with strategy, productivity, innovation, communication, quality, talent, systems, expenses, management, marketing, sales, revenue and balancing it all.  Helping you is what WE do.  CALL US TO LEARN MORE!  We are your Partners in Prosperity.

Our Mission is all about YOU

Our business improvement experts advise companies of every type and size from entrepreneurs to multi national corporations.  We are innovators who thrive on challenge and leading change.  Don't do it alone!  Bring us your tough stuff.  We help you to increase profitability, productivity, organizational energy, communication, continuous learning, employee commitment and customer satisfaction. 

Organizational Effectiveness

Continual change is the reason we devise more efficient ways to get work done and never give you anything "canned".  We create  solutions that solve immediate needs and grow with you.  Count on us to FOCUS strategy, clarify goals, streamline processes, create high performance cultures, manage change, improve organizational flexibility as well as hire, direct, develop, train & reward talent and MUCH MORE!

How We Are Different - We lesson your stress!

Our business consultants provide services in a manner you may not have experienced before.  Our methods don't include "analysis paralysis" or expensive software.  We are engaging professionals who use brain power, creativity and facilitation skills.  We operate together as a team with you to assess needs, develop solutions and implement positive change so that when we leave, your organization has the knowledge and experience in business improvement methods to resolve new challenges on your own. 

Your Advisors

Rachael Collins, M.Ed., Chief Problem Solver

Ms. Collins has 30 years of management consulting, organization development and executive recruiting experience.  She earned a Master's in Organizational Development from Cambridge College and a Bachelor's Degree from Cornell University.  After her first year working at Bain & Company management consultants in 1987, our fearless leader spearheaded organizational change initiatives in dozens of companies to date ranging in size from the Ritz-Carlton, Blue Cross & Blue Shield and BMW to start-ups she helped  "grow up" like EBay, PayPal and Google.

Our Consultants

Our boutique firm can provide business experts in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Project Management, Human Resources, Organizational Change, Training & Development, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Government Contracts, Education, Compensation & Benefits, Business Valuation, Strategic Business Planning, Asset Allocation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Downsizing, Tax Planning, Business Brokerage, Product Licensing, Estate Planning and MORE.  Ms. Collins brings together the right experts as needed for each client project and we work together as a team to create and implement solutions for SUCCESS!