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We are organizational effectiveness consultants passionate about helping leaders build customer loyalty and create great places to work!  As business, communication & motivation experts with decades of experience, we partner with leaders to engage your organization in simple but strategic processes to increase professionalism, engagement, innovation and continual improvement.  Don't do it alone. Bring us your tough stuff!   You can expect rapid and cost-effective solutions that solve immediate needs and grow with your organization.


Customized Solutions to Help You SUCCEED

Utilize our knowledge, creativity and facilitation skills to solve your business challenges. Our methods don't include canned training or expensive software.  We assist leaders to assess & prioritize needed improvements then leverage the strengths of their own workforce to create better ways of working together and getting work done.  Enjoy the benefits of increased productivity and employee engagement when your human capital has a valued role in your organizational success.

About Us

Rachael Collins, M.Ed., CEO


Rachael has 30 years of business improvement consulting, training, recruiting & speaking experience.  She earned a Master's in Organizational Development from Cambridge College and a Bachelor's Degree from Cornell University.  She has spearheaded organizational Improvement initiatives in companies from multinational to start-ups.  We look forward to helping you create an optimally healthy, happy and productive workplace! 

Our Consultants


We bring together the right professionals as needed for each client project and work together to create and implement solutions for SUCCESS!.  Our boutique firm can provide business experts in Organizational Change, Training & Development, Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Workplace Wellness, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Project Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, and MORE.  

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