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Business Improvement Solutions

Human Capital Leaders Roundtable & Retreats

  • Our upcoming Human Capital Leaders retreat is being held in beautiful Sedona, AZ from June 13 - 15.  Please contact me to join us or learn more!

Business Executive Summits

  • Our next Business Exective Summit will be held in Tucson, AZ in late September 2019.  This will be a full day multi-speaker event on current "hot" business topics. Stay in touch or contact us to learn more.

Legal Update Workshops

  • We help protect your organization by delivering workshops on critical legal topics.  Our next workshop "Conducting Workplace Investigations" will be held on May 20 from 8:30 - 11:30 am.  Check Eventbrite to register! 

Workplace Wellness - Managing Burnout

  • Are your employees or leaders feeling inundated and overwhelmed by workload demands?   Are you finding it hard to prioritize the most important tasks to achieve business results?  Do you have enough resources to rely on?  Are employees taking more time for sick leave or PTO?  Do you or they feel burned out?  Have you ever closed your laptop and wanted to wash the residue of information overload from your brain so that you could just make a decision or fall asleep at night?  If you answered yes to any or ALL of these, you are NOT alone.  Burnout is a common cause of employee disengagement & poor performance. We work with you to identify time and energy drains, fix people problems and address organizational burnout.

Inter-Organization Communication

  • Business silos (or departments) within a company may not work optimally anymore.  Integration of traditionally separate functions like IT, Marketing and Finance may help your company's talent and leadership more quickly and clearly see the "whole picture" of company performance and value to the customer.  It can expedite the identification of issues and problem resolution.  Our Advisors can help you analyze opportunities for greater collaboration, data sharing and revenue generation. Together we can evaluate potential restructuring of your organization to realize greater efficiencies that result in rapid communication, decreased costs, improved employee & client satisfaction and out performance of your competition!  

Branding for Recruitment, Engagement & Retention

  • An organization's brand is one of its most critical assets.  Current research states that a great brand is one third of the entire value of a company!  If you don't have a strong brand, it's time to put a priority on creating it.  Let us help you do it!  If you have one, but t needs remodeling, we can do that too.  And in the end, a brand is only as good as your reputation and how you use your brand.  Building a positive reputation is ESSENTIAL to attracting great candidates and customers and retaining those employees and clients.  We help you use that brand to position your organization in the most positive light for recruitment, engagement and retention.  We improve your processes & communications to ensure that people want to work with you!

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