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Business Improvement Solutions

Build the Foundation

  • In spite of rapid change, some things shouldn't change - like being CLEAR about your organization's Purpose. Purpose is translated into the vision, mission, values and goals for your enterprise.  Today, employees and customers expect this clarity from an organization & brand. The pace of innovation requires continual evaluation of the keystones of your foundation and remodeling of your business structure and strategy accordingly. The vital components are your strategic plans, business goals, performance objectives, technology tools, company values, communication methods, learning processes, cyber security measures, profitability models, legal defenses and more.  We view your enterprise from a wholistic perspective and help you create and revise elements of your foundation that are missing or need to change.  No shaky foundation here!

Continual Planning

  • Following the rethinking of your organization's mission, vision, values & goals on a regular basis, leaders must do strategic planning to ensure they are aligned and integrated with all systems, processes, procedures, technology and talent on which the organization is built. Successful organizations will have a culture of change readiness, organizational flexibility, self-leadership, continuous learning and continual improvement for short and long-term success.  Some consultants say "think outside of the box" but don't tell you HOW to do it.  We say "Get rid of the box!" Two heads are better than one when developing innovative processes. Creativity, research, group brainstorming and expert advice are all required.  It starts with accurate identification of your needs, strategic objectives, desired outcomes and available resources.  We help you clarify these and develop innovative practices, processes and a culture of continual fresh thinking and leading edge outcomes.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Every business has customers and the positive or negative experiences of those customers determine the success and profitability of your business. Therefore, it is shocking that most organizations fail to solicit input from their customers regularly! Retrieving and using customer input to learn how your business is serving them & to make improvements should be your least expensive and most valuable business process. Providing excellent products and services that meet customers’ expectations and needs is the most critical objective of your business. Every other business goal, action and process depends on this. To achieve optimal profitability and success, you MUST understand how you are meeting your customers’ needs. The longevity of your business depends on EXCEEDING their expectations. If you are missing out on this MOST VALUABLE opportunity in your business, meet with us to discover how simple and effective utilizing customer feedback can be to your success!  

Managing Overload

  • Are you feeling inundated and overwhelmed by the vast amount of information the internet delivers to you?  Is your inbox exploding with hundreds of emails a day?  Are you finding it hard to distill the most important data for your business from the seemingly infinite sources?  How do you know what resources to rely on?  Do you feel burned out?  Have you ever closed your laptop and wanted to wash the residue of information overload from your brain so that you could just make a decision or fall asleep at night?  If you answered yes to any or ALL of these, you are NOT alone.  We work with you to identify time and resource drains, restore the clarity you need to evaluate relevant choices and take action decisively. 

Optimal Communication

  • Business silos (or departments) within a company may not work optimally anymore.  Integration of traditionally separate functions like IT, Marketing and Finance may help your company's talent and leadership more quickly and clearly see the "whole picture" of company performance and value to the customer.  It can expedite the identification of issues and problem resolution.  Our Advisors can help you analyze opportunities for greater collaboration, data sharing and revenue generation. Together we can evaluate potential restructuring of your organization to realize greater efficiencies that result in rapid communication, decreased costs, improved employee & client satisfaction and out performance of your competition!  

Organizational Flexibility

  • Most employers are aware that employees, especially Millenials, highly value having adaptable work arrangements like telecommuting, flexible hours, virtual project teams, job sharing, sabbatical or parental leave and paid/unpaid time off. The benefits of workplace flexibility are greater employee satisfaction, productivity, recruitment and retention. Equally important is building a culture of resilience, cross-training, collaboration (tools), virtual data availability, continual recruitment and optimal efficiency which creates a flexible business that can withstand and manage ever-present change. Both are critical to business success in our highly competitive economy.  We can assess and bolster your company’s workplace flexibility and build organizational resilience  and change readiness capabilities.